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Canadian Chinese. Resin artist


Joe Ng graduated from LaSalle College, Montreal, Canada. He specializes in the use of resin as a material for painting. He has been painting resin for more than a decade and is a pioneer in today's resin painters.


The early works of Joe are based on simple natural and classical things, using abstract style as a deductive method.

Joe's personal favorite painting style is ink painting, and recently, Joe's works have undergone great changes and breakthroughs, inspired by bronzes, creatures, unearthed artifacts and so on. What is pursued is to show the classical beauty and static beauty of these items, and the painting process is more complicated than the past, which makes the painting more layered and three-dimensional, and the color matching is based on simplicity and plain color.


Joe has completed the most satisfying work "Black Hole"

The work named "Black Hole" can be seen in this painting to show the static beauty in multiple levels. Joe also invited the famous musician Mr. Wang Lifu to specially match the music for "Black Hole", and the lighting can achieve visual and auditory synchronization. This can resonate with the author and enter the artistic conception and the abstract world in painting.


Joe emphasizes that everyone appreciates abstract paintings with different opinions and experiences, and it seems that the display of resin art also coincides with abstract paintings in nature, not being limited in any space and even makes the space more soulful. In addition, such new exhibition can extend resin art to the home environment and shorten the distance between art and people.


Besides exhibiting his resin paintings in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Joe will also dispay the latest creations from time to time in other countries such as Canada, the United States and Spain, hoping to bring a different visual experience to the public who loves resin painting art.

Photo by Fokingman

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